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"Message on Hold, sell them while they wait. It works!"
- Call Center Magazine

"Music and messages 'on hold' make more
sales with the cheapest advertising around."
- Call Center Magazine

"Breathe some life into that 'on hold' dead air!"
- Teleconnect Magazine

"The Message on Hold network's full time
creative teams and studios filled with the latest digital audio equipment produce slick, easy to update on hold messaging."
- Continental Airlines' Profiles: Global Edition

"They make a Fortune 500 company sound friendly
and a mom and pop business sound like a Fortune 500 company."
- Television

"Why play the radio 'on-hold'? You advertise every business but your own!"
- Street Smart Media

"It's the last, and very important
link in the advertising chain."
- Teleprofessional Magazine

"On hold systems, they don't
just play Feelings anymore"
- Teleconnect Magazine

"From small businesses to big corporations,
companies are realizing that the on-hold wait is a prime marketing opportunity."
- Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"... The market is huge... There are about 11 million
business phone systems in the United States and only about 100,000 have message on hold."
- Tampa Bay Business Journal

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