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"The volume of phone calls at our 200 branch locations is tremendous... We go back several years with your company and have been delighted with the results".
Steven Hall, Electrosys, Inc.

"We starting using message on hold a few months ago and now I think it would be unprofessional to put anyone on hold without it!"

Amy Lynn, Secured Data Systems
"Thanks in part to what's heard about our Web site on our message on hold system, we now register over one million hits each month. It's what every business that knows what's good for it needs in order to compete in the new techno millennium".
Eric Kennedy, Dupont Registry
"I had no idea what we were missing until our offices started reporting positive feedback from clients. This truly seems to be a unique combination of customer service and sales enhancement".
John Ritchie, Getaway Travel
"By far, this is one of the best image tools our firm has ever implemented. It's nice to have a third party expound on our accomplishments."
Richard Whitfield, Attorney at Law
"We have implemented several marketing strategies since we opened for business and message on hold has proved to one of the most effective"
Catherine Jacobs, Bay City Bank
" I am so pleased with our message on hold system. It has dramatically increased interest in many of our programs. Once, someone requested he be put back on hold to listen to the entire message!"
Lynn A. Frankenfield, YMCA
"After having message on hold for awhile, I would never operate a business without it. You were right... a captive audience listens, learns, and then they buy! "
Mark Tolbert, Process Systems Technology
" On hold messages puts our company on the same level as our larger competitors. It creates the image you need to stay alive in the new world of technology".

Steve Rice, Florida Roof Testing
" We kept trying to think of ways to market more products to our customers without going over-budget. Then one day a rep from Message On Hold called and we found excatly what we were looking for "
James Redkin, Coastal Surf Equipment



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