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MOH cassette on-hold units are available in 4-minute, 6-minute, 8-minute, and 12-minute digital chip memory capacity, and new productions are downloaded automatically with the tape replacement. All of our on-hold tape units come with our Generic Starter production, which is good for a in between production message.

MOH CD on-hold units feature Flash memory (retains message if power is lost), have a memory capacity for 4-minute productions to 32-minute productions, and multi-track accessibility. All of our CD on-hold units come with our Generic CD Starter. And for a generic message for every major holiday, our 13-Track Specialty CDís are also available.

Remote Internet Download units utilize internet access to download on-hold messages and can be programmed to ping for new productions every minute or every day. Ask us for more details about server protocol and compatibility to your network.

Warranty - Most of our service plans included a warranty for your on-hold unit should it ever need replacing.

If you have any questions please contact our manager: gm@callsonhold.com


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