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  Quick TIps
When you receive your new or replacement CD unit, be sure to remove the cardboard restraint (located to the right of the optic eye, under the unit cover) before downloading your Message On Hold production. The unit is packed this way to prevent damage during shipping. If you receive your unit and/or Message On Hold production damaged during shipping, give us a call right away so we can send a replacement (800-526-5355).

Always keep your Message On Hold production CD or tape in the on-hold unit. Both units run on digital chip memory (not the tape or CD). However, if there’s a power loss, the tape unit will download itself. The CD unit has flash memory and doesn’t need to reload itself if it loses power, but keeping the production tape or CD in the unit will eliminate the chances of it being lost. Also, keep your Generic Starter (which comes with every unit) in a safe place where you can find it if you need to remove your customized Message On Hold production. If you need a new Generic Starter, please contact Tech Suppor (800-526-5355).

1. Troubleshooting FAQ’s - This covers CD, USB and tape unit malfunctioning issues, as well as download questions.


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